Specialized Service To Meet Your Needs

On Site Security

Security Includes

*Uniformed Security
*Plain Clothes Security
*Undercover Surveillance
*Bar & Club Services
*Carding for Alcohol Consumption
*Crowd Control
*Concert & Events

*Monitering of Private Property
*Monitering After Hours Maintenance Crews
*Perimeter Checking
*Locking of Buildings
*Securing Construction Sites/Equipment After Hours

Security Includes

Do you want to feel secure knowing that someone is watching your property when you cannot? Marshall Security will patrol your property between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am seven days a week. Our security officer will be in a marked vehicle and has learned proper patrol and building search techniques. We will post signs on your property telling everyone that Marshall Security is in the area.

Do you want someone patroling your home during the day while you are at work? Marshall Security is available when you are not.

Going on vacation? Even the most well-meaning neighbors may inform others of your vacation plans. We can patrol your property day and night while you are away. We can pick up mail and newspapers and hold them until you return.

We also offer discounts to groups of businesses or homes that use our Marshall Security service. So talk to your neighbors and give us a call today!

First Contact For Alarms

Burgler alarms are sensitive by nature; they must be to do their job. It is easy to make a mistake and set off your alarm. If you do not contact your alarm monitering company in a very short time, the police will show up to check the premises. Most alarms response calls are false alarms and the police department will charge you up to $100 per response. Marshall Security offers a response service to anyone. We will be first contact with your monitoring company when your alarm is set off. Our trained officers will arrive at the site and evaluate the situation. If it is a false alarm, we will contact you during business hours.

Security Systems

  Marshall Security also offers a line of Security Alarms to ensure your home or business’ security 24 hours a day. We will be happy to help you decide what level of security you need.

Video Surveillance

  Marshall Security installs and maintains video surveillance systems. We offer the most up to date and simple to use equipment on the market. You could even log into your system remotely via the internet. Would you like to see what is going on when you are not there? There are many levels of systems to choose from which makes it ideal for everyone.

Security Evaluations

Marshall Security offers a security evaluation service. We will come by your home or business and tell you what you can do YOURSELF to increase the level of security on your property immediately. There is a one-time charge for this service that is very minimal. Call Today for more Information.